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Perkins South Plains is Live!

Generator Sets, Engines,  or Power Units. We got the the power to move you! The new Perkins South Plains is live and soon you can find all the information you need easy. From Parts and Service to a map of all the dealers we’ll get you what you need fast!

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With the technical expertise to provide power solutions to a wide variety of industries, Perkins South Plains also has 10 full service dealers serving its territory which includes the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Perkins South Plains has invested heavily in service support throughout our area of responsibility which has resulted in customers returning to Perkins South Plains and our dealer network.
Perkins South Plains service department is on 24 hour call seven days a week to meet your service needs. For more information on service related issues, please contact our nearest Service Center .

A new era of technologies and the development of electronic control systems require the attention of qualified and fully equipped service teams. Only the Perkins distribution network has evolved with this challenge and is meeting customer needs now and the future.
For technical support please contact your nearest Perkins Distributor.
• Perkins South Plains and it’s Dealers can inspect your engine and are staffed by fully trained engine, parts and service professionals.
• We also stock Genuine Powerpart Parts locally and have access to Perkins Technical Support Services.

Perkins diesel engines have earned a reputation for ease of service along with low costs of maintenance and repair. Their rugged and simple design makes local repair easy. A large network of distributors and dealers keep parts and support close to customers throughout the world.

Risk of Using Non Genuine Parts

Non-genuine parts are designed using reverse engineering (copying an original component). Manufacturers of non-genuine parts do not have access to Perkins technical data and drawings so these parts are designed and manufactured in isolation from the rest of the engine.

In most cases the material specification is rationalised, so there is a real risk that these parts will not fit correctly. This can result in rapid wear, compromised performance, poor reliability, higher oil and fuel consumption and even component damage or engine failure.

Suppliers of non-genuine parts will only provide a small range of the high-volume part numbers. They will not support the complete Perkins engine range and will not be covered by the Powerpart warranty.

Why Use Genuine Parts?
Powerpart components are designed to work together to maximise component life and engine performance.
Powerpart parts are designed to match the individual engine characteristics across the whole Perkins engine range, to fit first time and saving on costly downtime.
Powerpart parts restore optimum power and fuel efficiency and are supported by thePerkins Powerpart Warranty.


Perkins Generator Sets 400 Series

400 Series

  • Power span of  8.2 – 49.2 kW (10.9 – 65.9 hp)
  • A range of tough 2, 3 and 4 cylinder water-cooled engines
  • Naturally aspirated, turbocharged and aftercooled models, with the additional choice of mechanically balanced ratings
  • Compact size and design
  • Ease of installation even in the smallest of machines
  • Two year/2,000 hour warranty
  • Suited to a large variety of applications in Agriculture, Lawn and Garden, Construction, Materials Handling, General Industrial and Electric Power
400 Series
Model Power Size Type
EPG – Electric Power Generation
402D-05G Electro Unit 5 kWm / 8.5 kWm / 9.7 kWm 116 KB PDF
403D-07G Electro Unit 7.2 kWm / 12.5 kWm 113 KB PDF
403D-11G ElectropaK 9.3 kWm / 11.4 kWm / 17.9 kWm 119 KB PDF
403D-15G ElectropaK 13.3 kWm / 15.9 kWm / 22.9 kWm 91 KB PDF
404D-22G ElectropaK 20.3 kWm / 23.9 kWm / 33.4 kWm 91 KB PDF
404D-22TAG ElectropaK 35.7 kWm 54 KB PDF
404D-22TG ElectropaK 27.4 / 32.6 kWm 57 KB PDF

Lister Petter Gensets

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Perkins Powerpart Warranty

All Perkins Powerpart products carry a 12 month warranty from date of purchase. Read moreRead more